Interview and Metalcast by C-NETIK for FSRECS Label Night 24.04.2015 – Cross Club Prague

Published On Thursday March 12th, 2015 |

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CLICK HERE [When: 24.4.2015] – [Where: Cross Club, Praha] – [Start: 20:00] – [End: 07:00] Entry: before 21:00 120,- CZK / after 21:00 180,- CZK


FSRECS: Hello, David. Can you please give us a short introduction and tell us where you’re from and what you do? C-NETIK – Yo! I’m best known as C-Netik, producer and DJ from Lisboa in Portugal. I have been making music for just over a decade and DJing regularly since 2007. You may have heard of me as part of the Yellow Stripe crew and promoter which is based in Porto. I also assist the founder, T-Rex, with running Yellow Stripe Recordings and together we do a lot of creative brainstorming for various YS projects. FSRECS: How widespread is drum & bass in the south-west of Europe? Or maybe more generally, how is the whole electronic music scene doing on the Iberian Peninsula? The average Czech person probably doesn’t know much more about Portugal than the fact that you’re good at soccer :) C-NETIK – We have a healthy Drum & Bass scene in Portugal. These past years, just about every well-known international artist has played in venues across the country regularly and new people are drawn to the genre every weekend. Yellow Stripe is just reaching its tenth year of event production, and we’ve been getting busier every year. As far as D&B is concerned, in recent times the main attractions have been the harder styles events, such as Therapy Sessions, our Yellow Stripe Recordings nights and our Torment events which are more focused on Hardcore infused D&B and the Hardcore genre itself. But diversity is always present, and this year we have a summer festival, Electric Loop, which features a great international lineup and will be all about the wide spectrum of D&B. FSRECS: If I remember right, you help run the Yellow Stripe Recordings label and that’s also where you release most of your productions. Do you think the label has any pronounced characteristics, something that makes it unique and identifiable? C-NETIK – I would say we’ve built up a reputation for dancefloor tracks in a particular style, PortoStep (a term coined by The Outside Agency guys) as we like to call it. Basically really energetic and memorable steppers and smashers for the dancefloor, many have become anthems of sorts in our events and are definitely a staple of the label. The style is somewhere between dark Drum & Bass and Hardcore, but as varied as the artist roster is, so are the releases. FSRECS: What about your production? Why did you start and what has changed since then? Was there anything in particular that got you into this? C-NETIK – I began messing in production around 2003, and started to get serious with it around two years after. I think like most producers of my time, I was fascinated and overwhelmed by the music and quality behind the production and engineering, in D&B especially, by Kemal, Ed Rush & Optical, LTJ Bukem, Technical Itch etc. Back then, I think it was a lot more exciting to learn about new music and artists, and to learn how to make the sounds you wanted, and how you wanted them to hit. Now it’s not only faster but the thrill of discovery is somewhat lost. There are exceptions of course, and inspiration is everywhere and more acessible than ever, especially online. These days for me, time is of the essence, so I try to use all the free time I have in the studio, to put down new ideas and finish new music to play and eventually release. FSRECS: Prague, Forbidden Society Recordings Label Night… how does that sound? Party time? :) C-NETIK – I’ve wanted to visit Prague for some time, and have only heard good things about these parties at Cross Club, definitely excited to be in this great lineup! FSRECS: Other than Czechia, where else are you playing in the near future? Do you have any performances planned outside of Europe? C-NETIK – In March, besides Portugal, I’ll be playing in Spain and France, and will be going to Belgium early in April. I’ll also be going back to Holland in the near future. I’ve had some requests for Eastern Europe, like Ukraine, and overseas to Colombia and the USA, so I hope to be visiting those places and more, soon. FSRECS: What releases can we expect from you this year and on which labels? C-NETIK – Later this month a new collab with eRRe called ‘Syke’ will be released on Yellow Stripe, and my new EP will follow in April. You’ll be hearing some new stuff on a special EP by YS artists on PRSPCT also coming soon, and I’ll be releasing some more track including collabs with Sinister Souls there as well. I’ve a couple more collabs lined up, one with Freqax coming on Black Hoe, where I will also release a solo single later on, and also with Cooh, Switch Technique and more. Later in the year I will start working on my first LP, which will be released in 2016, marking 10 years since I started as C-Netik. FSRECS: What’s your current Top 10? C-NETIK – In no specific order: Hallucinator – Raise Your Middle Finger VIP Switch Technique – Climax Dkaos – Epistemic C-Netik & Syrinx – Stargate Hungry & Vein feat. Satan – Grave Mistake C-Netik & eRRe – Syke Phace – Imbalanced The Outside Agency – Prepare To Die C-Netik – Checkmate VIP Hostage – All Lies FSRECS: Thanks, see you in April!


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