Interview with Current Value for FSRECS Label Night 24.04.2015 – Cross Club Prague

Published On Wednesday April 8th, 2015 |

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CLICK HERE [When: 24.4.2015] – [Where: Cross Club, Praha] – [Start: 20:00] – [End: 07:00] Entry: before 21:00 120,- CZK / after 21:00 180,- CZK


FSRECS – Hi Tim, we’re looking forward to having you at the Cross Club. How does it feel to be coming back to Prague? Current Value I love Prague! Been visiting it for 15 years now… I’m looking forward to come over to Cross again! FSRECS – When someone mentions Current Value, the first thing that comes to my mind is your unmistakable style and intense snares that have always been a part of you production. How do you make them so impactful, and how has your studio setup changed since the beginning of your production days? Current Value Producing is a lot about sound design. I spend most time on that when making tunes. When it comes to making drums I like to use both – going from samples (mostly plain uneffected with a certain effect chain) and synthetic (Nord Modular). Im not a big fan of layering and I care about transient design / optimization. I’ve been cutting down on equipment ever since I started making music in the late 90ies. I started off with an Atari ST (for midi) and various samplers such as the Akai S01 and the Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus. Nowadays it is – apart from my Nord Modular G2 which I still love – everything out of the box with either FL Studio or Ableton Live. FSRECS – You’ve been producing for many years now and explored an incredible number of original ideas, tell us about your creative process – is it more theoretical or based upon actual exploration of audio manipulation? Current Value In most cases I have a sound or even arrangements or part of songs in my head. They just come automatically. My job is then to sit down and make these ideas hearable. whilst it took days and weeks when I started making music it is now rather a matter of hours to get to that certain point of no return for a tune to take shape. I always stress about it: Develop your ears as much as you can. You dont have access to something you’re missing out on / don’t hear! FSRECS – Which track are you most proud of in your career to date so far? Current Value I wouldn’t say proud… I’d rather say “still happy with” ;) I’m pretty happy about the remix series 1 and 4 I’ve done for Björk’s “Biophilia” album. Was quite a boost for my inspiration and a challenge too! FSRECS – The evolution of your sound has now reached the point of being taken on by some of the most successful labels in DnB such as Blackout and Critical Music, can we expect more releases on similar labels in the future? Are there any releases you can announce? Current Value Yeah definitely! I’m focusing on that sound that is actually not new to me. The time has come… I will have a release on Noisia’s Invisible soon and on Prolix’s Trendkill with a nice collab with him. Further tunes for Critical and Blackout are locked / being locked down and I’ve been contacted by Citrus and Bad Taste as well. Machine Code got a big boost too: We’re in touch with Eatbrain at the moment and are happy to see our new work in their podcasts… So: a lot of work! – Happy! FSRECS – Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you at Cross!


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