Published On Monday November 23rd, 2015 |
Forbidden Society will once again demolish the dance floor of Favál, but this time to celebrate a unique opportunity –5th birthday of the Forbidden Society Recordings label. You can also look forward to seeing and hearing rising stars who call themselves Zombie Cats, young and budding producer Schmidoo and elite d’n’b DJs from Brno. There will be a ticket presale – you’ll be able to buy an sms ticket for the best price!


If this name doesn’t ring a bell, you’re not a true metalhead. Jindra Brejcha aka Forbidden Society is one of few Czech d’n’b producers who make their living by making music. As the title of the event suggests, Jindra owns a record label that celebrates 5 years of releasing awesome tracks of Czech and European producers. Jindra’s bio is something that we know very well by now anyway, so let’s look at what’s new instead. Just like any other successful producer, Jindra has been staring at gigs all across Europe, most recently in Russia, Belgium and the Netherlands. He records Metalcast, a very popular podcast that has more than 35 episodes, which means more than 35 epic sets mixed by young talents as well as by well known names like Mefjus or Maztek. His releases count in dozens and you surely shouldn’t miss his current album Thronecrusher. And because Jindra is really looking forward to see his Brno fanbase again and during his last two gigs here he couldn’t resist and prolonged his set by extra 30 minutes, we’ve decided not to complicate things and make it official, so you can look forward to 2 hours of pure hardcore d’n’b metal!


Zombie Cats are no new face on the DnB Scene. After years of countless releases on many respected Neurofunk labels, the old aliases were put aside for a new heavyweight vision. With a fresh production ethos that is up there with the best in the game, Zombie Cats found their new home on Eatbrain recordings, one of Europes biggest DnB labels. Their debut EP “Must Eat” was welcomed by fans and Dj’s alike, teaming up with long time friend Mefjus for the DnB chart topping title track. This year releases on respected labels such as Lifted, DnB Arena, and Commercial Suicide have pushed further forward..and with forthcoming releases on Bad Taste recordings and collaborations with other respected producers like Maztek, L33 and more, Zombie Cats are still not done with 2015. But are they any good at DJing? Well you can see for yourselves at Favál! The rest of the lineup is a bunch of elite Czech d’n’b DJs, namely SCHMIDOO, GHOSTBUSTERS and HRR.NEC. Schmidoo is a cannoneer from Frýdek-Místek who enjoys mixing and producing hardcore d’n’b tracks. His own tracks have been released on labels like Harder & Louder Recordings, Techsys Recordings and of course Forbidden Society Recordings. Ghostbusters are a new, dynamic neuro d’n’b loving duo of 2 experienced Redrum DJs Zaion and Casper, who have recently started a unique project in Brno – a DJ school called DJ škola Tempo, where young talents can learn how to mix tracks and how to produce music. Last but not least, tireless vinylist and a popular Redrum DJ Hrr.nec will destroy the dance floor with his heavy artillery arsenal. Second stage will witness rumbling of the mighty dubstep base. The headliner will be a DJ, promoter and a radio host STIFLER SELECTA. The rest of the lineup will be composed of Brno DJs YAK, DEKOR and MANIA from Pohon crew and FLEXA from Dubstep Invasion. And if all that isn’t enough, you can look forward to video projection and beautiful decorations made by well known and highly talented VJs SPOOL and ZAE.


Main stage: Forbidden Society (exclusive 2hours set) Zombie Cats (Eatbrain, Bad Taste, Lifted) Shmidoo (Future Sickness, Harder&Louder) Ghostbusters (Redrum) Hrr.nec (Redrum) Dubstep stage: Stifler Selecta (Dubsteplog) Yak (Pohon) Dekor (Pohon) Mania (Pohon) Flexa (Dubstep Invasion) Visuals & Decos by Spool & Zae Ticket fee: smsticket.cz 130 CZK On the spot: until 10 PM 150 CZK, after 10 PM 170 CZK When: 04.12.2015 Where: Brno, Favál – Music Circus Start: 21:00 End: 05:00 GPS: 16.5797586°E, 49.1847286°N