COMMING SOON / New Forbidden Society Recordings limited merchandise – THRONE CRUSHER concept

Published On Wednesday April 23rd, 2014 |
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Throne Crusher concept

Forbidden Society Recordings teams up with new Designer for new merchandise concept THRONE CRUSHER for the label After a long and fertile collaboration with our previous in-house designer we’ve chosen a new artistic path for our future releases. Currently we’ve teamed up with a very talented illustrator from Indonesia for the forthcoming project ‘’Throne Crusher’’. This project will be created by a string of talented graphic designers in rotation. We’ve spent a long time searching for credible artists which made us end up in sunny Indonesia where the first artist in our substantial queue is based. After the kick off we’ll work with people that we’re previously participating in project by great brands such as Iron Fist and Disturbia. All merchandise that will appear in the time coming will come in a limited run – like usually by FSRECS to keep originality. TANK-TC-black

Limited edition

We strictly avoid reprints as we wanna stay with this project original and exclusive, so don’t expect any re-prints. After the first design is sold out, we will slowly work on new design, but it can take a while again, as we want it to be good, hi quality, original and exclusive, so it can be 2 months, but it can also take a half year. As for now, we would like to express that we are very pleased with the results for the ‘’Throne Crusher’’ project.The name for the first design is set to Drum & Bass Tank, as we run DNB and we like the steel monsters !m! As it’s been a while since we put out any form of merchandise we’d want to give our most loyal costumers the chance to get something extra. Therefor the 50 first costumers will get an FSECS sticker,sticker with the design of the merchandise, FSRECS pins ,very exclusive Beer bottle opener with the FSRECS logo printed on and A2 poster with the design of the clothing. As you can see, the effort we’ve put into this project is enormous so we hope you’ll like it at much as we do!

When and where to buy?

The first orders can be accepted in cca 3 weeks from now, we will keep you updated thru our social networks like Facebook : Forbidden Society Recordings / Forbidden Society, so watch out!

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