Forbidden Society Recordings celebrate 7 years

Published On Wednesday October 18th, 2017 |
Seven years ago, Oct. 13, 2010, I founded Forbidden Society Recordings with a clear vision. Over the years, more than 120 tracks from 29 artists have been released by Forbidden Society Recordings, there have been countless label nights that I’m still trying to move higher and for the most, enjoy all the positive feedback from all of you guys. It’s a great feeling to be at a party and hear others DJs play the music that came out a couple of years ago on my label, and you guys are raving as it came out today. To celebrate the anniversary I prepared a super remix album divided into two parts. The first part will come soon, the second will appear a little later, because we try to fine-tune this album to the smallest details. Within the waiting period, you can hear our releases released over the last 7 years of the Forbidden Society Recordings. Thanks for all the support and soon to see you at the party!