Forbidden Society Recordings Label Night – Helldrummers Edition

Published On Wednesday February 28th, 2018 |
After a year, Forbidden Society returns to the crime scene, to the Storm Prague Club with his label night. Forbidden Society Recordings Label Night will be held on April 20th and you can look forward to sick lineup as always released soon. We have plans for a special decoration oriented for the gig, competition for free entries and Forbidden Wear merch. We call all the soldiers, tinsmiths and other lovers of the hardest drum and bass which survived the last label night. Get ready for the toughest, darkest and most infernal you have ever heard. This edition will certainly not be for a weak nature.    

† THE DRUMMERS FROM THE DEEPEST CORE OF HELL †: ★ Gancher & Ruin [Satan’s Twins in Full Effect] ★ Sinister Souls [Lucifer’s Horn Commando] ★ FORBIDDEN SOCIETY [The Hellbound Heart] ★ Shmidoo [Belzebub’s Deadly Fire Breath] ★ BONES /cz [Abaddon The Skullcrusher] ★ DEXIDE [Behemonths Gospel] ★ Dirty Boy [Diabolic Master of Disaster]   † Line up † Gancher & Ruin are drumandbass twins hailing from Russia. They started producing drumandbass back in 2006. Their sound is influenced by rave, techno and schranz music. Sinister Souls – Adriaan de Koning and Fred Huurdeman (Sinister Souls), based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, they create their own vision of music with inspiration from Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Rave, Breakcore and Hardcore. Shmidoo – The gunner from Czech Rep. using his cannon with cadency about 175bpm, who is, except of smashing innocent civilian, making his own ammo with the caliber about 90 Hardcores, that already tested brothers in arms from Future Sickness recordings, Harder & Louder rec. and Forbidden Society rec. Dexide – Side project of DAVE.LXR focused on neurofunk, darkstep, crossbreed & industrial hardcore. Dexide placed third in the CZECH DNB AWARDS 2014 as the discovery of the year. In 2015 Dexide joined Neurofunk Will Never Die crew. Dirty Boy – Czech born young and very talented producer and DJ. Forbidden Society – Czech born Forbidden Society is representative of the hardest kind of drum and bass in Czech. With an attitude to business that reflects in his style of music – fast-paced, forward-thinking and with an aggressive edge – this artist not only produces his own compositions but he also tours the world as a DJ, owns his own record label complete with a healthy merchandise arm and runs a stage at one of the biggest festivals in his native Czech Republic. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ★ Gancher & Ruin / RU / ★ / EATBRAIN / PRSPCT / SOUNDCLOUD: FACEBOOK: FSRECS PROFILE: Souls / NL / / ★ / FORBIDDEN SOCIETY RECORDINGS / PRSPCT / SOUNDCLOUD: FACEBOOK: FSRECS PROFILE: SOCIETY / CZ / ★ / FORBIDDEN SOCIETY RECORDINGS / SOUNDCLOUD: FACEBOOK: FSRECS PROFILE: / CZ / ✰ / HOOFBEATS / FUTURE SICKNESS REC./ SOUNDCLOUD: FACEBOOK: / CZ / ✰ /NEUROFUNK WILL NEVER DIE / X MASSACRE/ SOUNDCLOUD: FACEBOOK: BOY / CZ / ✰ /BASSTARD BEATZ/ SOUNDCLOUD: / CZ / ✰ /HARD PLAY RECS. / INFECTIONS CREW/ SOUNDCLOUD: FACEBOOK: ★ Forbidden Society Recordings Aftermovies: ★ Forbidden Society Recordings Photogallery: