Last year you released a great album on Eatbrain. What are you working on now?


We are currently preparing new EP’s for Eatbrain, Blackout and also several releases for other labels.


What is the best thing about having and working with your brother in the studio?


In general, we work separately, but in the end we always make it to the finals together. Sometimes it is difficult for us to come to one conclusion. But for the most part, we always support each other.


Which of your tracks was the hardest for you to finish and why?


We try to finish the tracks right away, maybe the mixdown takes most of the time, but the idea itself is written in a couple of days. I can’t tell you which track was being written for the longest time because we have a lot of them 😀


What has made you the happiest lately?


The situation in our country is very difficult, we are currently going through a war period, and we just want the war to end – that would make us the happiest right now.


If you could listen to the music of just one person for the rest of your life, which artist would you choose?


Noooo. That’s not possible. Music gives people freedom, energizes them and relaxes minds. can’t imagine our life without the variety in music. All kinds of music styles are important.



Have you ever completed a DNB workout session?


I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t, however I have played a few times for DNB workout HiitTheFloor! Was a really fun experience, and I love the combination of DNB and fitness.


Which one of your collabs do you personally like the most and why?


Tough one! They are all my babies… working with Mefjus was great! As well as the collab with Forbidden Society 😉 I’m working on something with Phace at the moment which I’m real excited about!


You’ve been a little silent on the release front lately, are you working on something bigger right now? And if yes, when and where can we expect it to come out?


I’m trying to be more selective of what I release these days. It’s easy to get wrapped up in releasing a new track every week… but I have some big things coming that I can’t announce quite yet, so watch this space.


What thing makes you the proudest so far this year?


This year, probably getting into shape, focusing more on health and happiness!


If you could either only spend time at the studio or play gigs for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?


If I had to choose one, perhaps the studio. But there’s nothing like playing your music out and sharing that experience with others, I’d definitely miss that feeling!