Interview with SA†AN for FSRECS Label Night 18.09.2015 – Cross Club Prague

Published On Thursday August 6th, 2015 |
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CLICK HERE [When: 18.9.2015] – [Where: Cross Club, Praha] – [Start: 20:00] – [End: 07:00] Entry: before 21:00 120,- CZK / after 21:00 180,- CZK


FSRECS: Hello Denis. Finding information about you on the internet can be a bit of a challenge, so to start off, please give us a short introduction and tell us, for instance, what you do when you’re not making music (school, work, hobbies)? Satan – Hello! In the world of electronic music my stage name is Satan. I’ve started making sounds in 2006 and since then, much has changed in me and my music. But in real life I’m just a man who loves sport and watching horror movies in the evening, haha. A couple of times in a year I take part in powerlifting competitions and even get some prize places. Also not long ago I graduated my university as a sound engineer and it helped me to better understand some technical aspects in music production. FSRECS: You come from Saint Petersburg, a city famous for its Pirate Station and Therapy Sessions parties. Would you say that this has had an effect on you and your production? Satan – Yes, surely this has had an effect on me, especially Therapy Sessions. In my hometown the first TS was in march 2006 and it was a big portion of inspiration. To be honest partly this series of events made me to plunge into hard drum and bass. I’ve opened for huge names myself which inspired my production in the future. FSRECS: Who was an inspiration to you when you were starting out and who inspires you today? Who are your favorite producers? Satan – When I was starting I was inspired by Technical Itch and Current Value and Venetian Snares as well. I was always in love with heavy music but these guys were showing the best side of it in electronic scene at that time. But times change, today I have a lot of names in a list which can definitely inspire me and not only among electronic music. I also love metal music but sometimes I can spend my evening listening to classical and also get some kind of inspiration. But from the closest genres I would like to pick out such names as The Outside Agency and I:gor. FSRECS: How did you get into metal and other guitar music, was it before DnB or at the same time? What does metal mean to you? I’m guessing you didn’t listen to Backstreet Boys when you were young… or did you? Satan – Haha, no, I didn’t listen to Backstreet Boys when I was young. I’ve started listen to metal stuff about the same time as DnB, but before it I listened to break beat for a long time, so guitar music appeared in my life already after electronic. But after my first metal concert I’ve decided that this also became a part of me. It’s hard enough and it has a crazy drive – that’s what I like! For me this kind of music is a big explosion of energy and when I need to unleash my emotions, visiting some metal concert is a good idea for me. My favorite bands are Slipknot, Slayer, Soulfly, Cradle of Filth, Emmure, Suicide Silence etc. FSRECS: For many notable producers, making and playing music is a lifestyle as well as a way of supporting themselves. How does it work in your case? Do you make a living through your music or is it just a form of self-expression? Satan – To be honest, for this moment I can’t say that it’s possible for me to fully make a living through the music. So it’s a form of self-expression and lifestyle now. FSRECS: What can fans look forward to in the near future? Any interesting upcoming releases? What are you working on right now? Satan – This autumn I’m going to release 2 tracks on PRSPCT, also some new stuff will be released on Heresy. And currently I’m working on tracks for Future Sickness and Othercide. FSRECS: In September, you’ll be making an appearance in Prague’s Cross Club. Have you ever visited the Czech Republic before? Satan – I’ve never been in the Czech Republic before, but I’m really looking forward to it! FSRECS: Can you give us some hints as to what your set is going to look like? Satan – I think it will predominantly contain my own stuff including new fresh tracks and also some of my favorites from other artists. FSRECS: What are your current Top 5 tracks? Satan – Switch Technique & C-Netik – Metadata – Counterstrike – Crushed – The Outside Agency and Deathmachine – Just Noise – I:gor – Lose Yourself – Wavolizer – Different Things FSRECS: Thank you for the interview and see you at Cross! Satan – See you!


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