Five questions for Agressor Bunx

Published On Wednesday October 30th, 2019 |

Guys, how is to live and produce this kind of music in Ukraine? Is there anything special to raver should not miss during visiting this country?

We live in not big city Bila Tserkva it’s near close to Kiev.
There are not so much people live here and it’s great to chill and get some inspire here. Some people so like this kind of music but it still not commercial stuff. We have great promoters in Ukraine who make cool parties. We are really happy to represent Ukraine on the dnb scene.

You are still releasing a lot of new and very high quality music. Where does the inspiration come from?

Hard to say exactly where is it come from…
It could be some emotional moments, or listening some other stuff or movies.
But the most time we working so hard at the studio and try to make something special and individual(This is really hard)

And how is it to like make music in duo? Have you ever had a big disagreement in your opinions?

As you know we are Brothers it too hard to make decision and choose something.
We can speak not well to each other but any way we try to make one final and right choice.

You collaborate with the biggest dnb names in scene like The Upbeats, Noisia or Bad Taste, Blackout, Eatbrain. What are your goals right now? What are you working on?

We have collabs with big artists and also we working on some big projects. It’s should be secret. Because if we say all info it could be not interesting in a future :)

You have played in Czech for several times. What do you think about Czech crowd and how are you looking forward to FS RECS Anniversary gig with Monty and Forbidden Society?

Yep, we played in Czech a lot of times. The crowd are amazing, one of the biggest in Europe. We love to play in Czech and really looking forward to Forbidden Society Anniversary show it should be really awesome party see you there ;)