Five questions for Monty about label night

Published On Saturday October 19th, 2019 |

Why the drum and bass? You know, even if I see the rise of drum and bass in France, there are still many more popular genres than bass music actually. How is the D&B scene in France right now?

Drum and bass because of the energy, the groove of the drums reminds me of someone actually playing the drums, I like that a lot, and of course the bass, such a great feeling when it hits you on a good system.In France it’s pretty big, particularly in Toulouse where I live, it’s always been big in Toulouse, we have artists such as, Redeyes, Redpill, BlackOwlz, Trail, Visages, The Clamps, Le Lutin, SKS, Miss Leia, Signs (when they were still together), and lots more…. Also lots of crews/promoters putting on shows nearly every weekend! We’re lucky to have the “Bikini” club where most of the Dnb shows are put on. It’s always been my favorite venue and for the other artists because of the crystal clear sound quality and the vibe inside.

You are still quite new on the scene but one of the best. How did you become famous in “deep world” so quickly? What´s the key of success?

Ha-ha, I’m far from the best but thanks! Hmm, I’d say just lots of practice, dedication and time in front of the PC, and fun, asking people for advice helps alot as well, but the most important key is to take your time, and be patient, to produce what comes naturally to yourself and don’t be scared of what others might think about your music

Do you experiment with making other genres of music or is dnb your main?

I do, yeah, I like all sorts of music, I experiment with Dub/Reggae music, 140 stuff, lots of Hip Hop, Halftime, I also play guitar/bass/drums so I enjoy lots of bands, anything with a cool beat really ha-ha

What are you working on right now? Any new EP, collab, anything interesting we should know?

I have just finished my next EP, so that will be out beginning of next year on 1985 music, I have also been working with The Upbeats, QZB and the Visages boys

You have played a couple of times for Czech crowd. Now you are coming for very special gig for 9th anniversary of FS RECS with Agressor Bunx and Forbidden Society. How are you looking forward to? Because we are a lot!

I have indeed, and yes, I can’t wait! I have lots of new exclusive music to play for you! and looking forward checking out Forbidden Society and Agressor Bunx. Thanks for having me!