Five Questions For Pythius About Beats For Love 2019

Published On Sunday June 23rd, 2019 |

Can you hear the tapping? That’s another year of Beats for Love festival knocking on the door. Everyone who is following it knows that drum & bass is properly represented and the lineup is filled with an appropriate variety of its sub-genres. This year’s dramaturgy offers it all from rascal raggajungle through melodic mainstream to neurofunk sharp as a razor. This exact sharpness will be represented by famous Blackout rider from Netherlands – Pythius, who is going to perform at Forbidden Society Label Night this year.

What is not to be missed in the country of tulips, what it’s like to work with the kings of the genre, what is he most looking forward to in Ostrava? What else did Hylke Klazema reveal in the interview? Let’s see.

Hylke, how is it to live in Utrecht? Is there anything special no raver should miss while visiting the place?

Utrecht is great! In my opinion the best city of The Netherlands! (laughing) Well I would say the Blackouts at music complex TivoliVredenburg is where Blackout started as Black Sun Empire their clubnight 16 years ago!

There were Q&A recently in Facebook groups Syndicate (and Blackout Community), where you were the one who was replying to the fans. How much time do you spend on social media?

I try to spend less time on social media these days to be honest, as its driving me mad lately, the constant hunt for the most “like generating post” is madness and not healthy. But it’s a necessary evil as you need to communicate still, it has it fun side too though, but sometimes it can be way to distracting. I still do love memes though.

How is it working in a Blackout label? Are the members of Black Sun Empire even open to young producers and their music? Are they strict or despotic with their management of the label?

They’re downright dictators! Nah, joking. (laughing) They’re very fair and honest people who have a good sense of what they like and what they don’t. And that resonates in the selection and (high) quality of the releases on the label! I love it, as I get good in depth feedback from the guys which helps me reach another level.

Have you seen this year’s line up for Beats 4 Love? Were you surprised to see any names in particular? Who should not be missed by the visitors?

My friend Vinicius Honorio is playing on the techno stage on the 4th! He used to make drum&bass as BTK and is now producing some amazing Techno, and has some killer dj skills too!

Foto: Kamil Beneš / Hoofbeats Music

What would you do, if there was a global big brother who bans drum & bass? Would you be open to compromise and change your musical preferences to survive in the new regime?

Haha, no fuck that! Seize the means of (music) production. We must be fully capable of musical self-determination!

Are you sure you have taken a day off at work for the first week in July? Tell your boss not to call you at that time because during Forbidden Society Label Night you’re definitely not going to answer!



Author: Lukas Bednarik