METALCAST Vol. 034 feat. SA†AN

Published On Sunday June 7th, 2015 |
SA†AN HAS COME TO CLAIM YOUR SOUL! Hailing from Russia, this upcoming artist combines breakcore with drum & bass to reach new extremes of hardness, and he’s cooked up this brutal mix in preparation for his Czech debut at Cross Club in September to give you a small taste of the things to come. Turn your speakers up and enjoy! \m/


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1.SA†AN – Strangers 2.SEI2URE & SYNAPSE – Trapped 3.SA†AN – They Evolve 4.FREQAX & GEIN – The Disease 5.QO – Killcode (Feat.Nuklear MC) Mindscape Remix 6.SA†AN – First blood 7.I:GOR – Game Tight 8.SPLINTER CELL – The Signal 9.HUNGRY & VEIN Ft. SA†AN – Oculus 10.SA†AN – Cut and Run 11.SA†AN – Flesh & Metal 12.SA†AN – Darksiders 13.SYRINX – The Leek And The Cabbage (SA†AN Remix) 14.SA†AN – Toxic Maniac 15.SPL – Bristol Transmission 16.SA†AN – Monster


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