Published On Monday November 10th, 2014 |
Forbidden Society new mix full of fresh and up to date Drum & Bass tunes. You can find there also some old school ones together with experimental, 4/4, halftempo – simply tunes that Forbidden Society like to play out. In this mix you can find also new FS material taken from his forthcoming album ‘Thronecrusher’ coming out late January 2015 on double gatefold vinyl & double CD release with lot’s of extras released on Forbidden Society Recordings. Warning : PLAY IT LOUD AS POSSIBLE AS YOUR NEIGHBOURS LOVE IT!:D

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1.Forbidden Society Industry Intro 2.Forbidden Society – Enter (FSRECS010 Thronecrusher LP) 3.Forbidden Society – Boycott (FSRECS010 Thronecrusher LP) 4.Rene Lavice – Perfect World (RAM) 5.Audio – Ultron (RAM) 6.Forbidden Society – Primal Root (FSRECS010 Thronecrusher LP) 7.Prolix & Misanthrop – Transcendent (Trendkill Records) 8.Forbidden Society – Criminal (Forbidden Society Recordings) 9.Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce – Cutslo (Locuste Mix) [FS Hype Up] (NTBR) 10.Forbidden Society – Never Let Me Down 11.Dom & Roland – Jedi (Mefjus Remix) (Dom & Rolan Productions) 12.Evol Intent – Punchout 13.Killer Industries – Ramen (Close 2 Death) 14.Forbidden Society – Cobra (Katharsys Remix) (Forbidden Society Recordings) 15.Current Value – The Patcher (Subsitenz) 16.Hive – Neo (Audio Remix) (RAM) 17.Forbidden Society – Heavy Metal Tank (Donny Remix) (Forbidden Society Recordings) 18.Faith In Chaos – Possesion (Kemal & Rob Data Remix)[FS Hype Up] (NTBR) 19.The Bloody Beetroots feat.Refused – New Noise [FS Hype Up] 20.The Bloody Beetroots feat. Tommy Lee – Raw (Ultra) 21.Forbidden Society – Ion Engines (FSRECS010 Thronecrusher LP) 22.Forbidden Society & Coppa – Clap Back (Forbidden Society Recordings) 23.Katharsys – Daybreaker (Yellow Stripe) 24.Current Value – Maintainer (Yellow Stripe) 25.Forbidden Society & Task Horizon – Meltdown (FS Violation) (Forbidden Society Recordings) 26.Forbidden Society – Hellstepper 27.Forbidden Society – Monger (Forbidden Society Recordings) 28.Donny – Swarm & Multiply (Barcode) 29.Maztek – M-Theory (Audio Remix) (Renegade Hardware) 30.Hive – Blackout (RAM) 31.Usual Suspects – Hole Punch (Renegade Hardware) 32.Forbidden Society – False Prophet VIP2 33.Forbidden Society & Coppa – Shots (Forbidden Society Recordings) 34.Kemal – Hostile (LOD VIP) 35.Lenny Dee – Fuckin¥ Hostile (The Outside Agency Remix) (Industrial Strenght) 36.Forbidden Society – Hustlers & Hardcore 37.Katharsys – Psychosis VIP (NTBR) 38.Slayer – Reign In Blood (Peter Kurten Bootleg) [FS Hype Up] (NTBR) 39.Lucio De Rimanez & Dereck – Why 40.Current Value – Tremor (Yellow Stripe) 41.Forbidden Society – No Such Thing 42.Forbidden Society & Smack – Nezkousej nas nasrat VIP 43.Forbidden Society & Smack – Nezkousej nas nasrat 44.Smack – Pop (Forbidden Society Remix) 45.Smack ft.Marger – Wrap You [FS 110 HYPE UP] (NTBR)