One of the most recognisable names for drum & bass in Czechia, Forbidden Society has continually grafted to become a founding figure within the country’s movement. Alongside his more raucous rhythms, he’s also worked on stripping back his sound as well as lowering the tempo, providing a hugely diverse body of work which resulted in his ‘Luminal Point’ LP, dropping in the earlier part of 2020. As well as releases on Noisia’s seminal Vision Recordings, he now provides a follow up for 2021 in the form of a collaboration with drum & bass heavyweight Emperor. Together they offer a glimpse into what Forbidden Society has planned for the new year.

Growling, sub heavy and with switches that grab the listener subtly, ‘Disremember’ from Forbidden Society and Emperor packs a punch on first play. Released through Forbidden Society’s own platform and clothing brand, his self-titled label, it’s clear that he’s looking to top the success of his 2020 releases. With more to come from the producer, one who has an explosive work ethic, he proves he’s an artist who’s constantly evolving