Forbidden Society is a fiercely independent artist. Whilst building his own solo project this multi-talented Czech artist has also successfully run his own label and clothing line all whilst maintaining a healthy DJing schedule
His wide skill set is evident in his music, carrying across a range of styles which has spread his reputation much further than his roots in the Czech Republic. Almost a year ago he released one of his most daring projects yet, his ‘Liminal Point’ LP.
Landing on his self-titled Forbidden Society imprint, he explored the full potential in his sound to maximum effect – only confirming the praise he’s received throughout his career.
Following on from that colossal feat and a collection of bass-laden releases including ‘Subworld’ on Vision Recordings, Forbidden Society is back with more sub shaking cuts
Only this time he turns his head fully to the dark wobbly world of dubstep in a brooding two-tracker. Leading the charge is ‘Ritual’ whose dystopian sounds and screams are slowly lost behind an abundance of droning bass tones and intricate drum patterns.
Following suit is ‘Missing Piece’ which sees waves of industrial bass tones sit heavily over the stripped back drums with techno-est percussion and hats flaring the energy levels up.
Now lock yourselves in for a bruising 140 venture from Forbidden Society as he dives straight into this new direction.