Album ´No Return´ by Forbidden Society is Out Now.

‘[No Return]’ is the brand-new album dropping from Forbidden Society, one of his biggest projects yet and proving that despite the restrictions of the last two years he’s repeatedly invested in his music. A label owner, producer, DJ and clothing brand creator, he’s demonstrated how he’s able to tap into a wide variety of markets – however it’s his music that’s enabled him to do this. Standing pride of place within his field and a pivotal part of the drum & bass and 140 scenes within Czechia, he continues to pull in crowds of thousands to witness his raucous sets. And ‘[No Return]’ follows in the footsteps of his recent collaboration with Audio on his ‘[Unsocial]’ LP through RAM Records, as well as his first release on Noisia’s VISION, whilst being another addition to his already impressive trophy cabinet.
Alongside the dark, brooding moods of its title-track, through to the lumbering rhythms of ‘Sulpor’, Forbidden Society takes you down into the depths of his production with ‘[No Return]’. Tracks like ‘The Craft’ and ‘Disappointment’, ‘Overthinking’, ‘Mirrors’, ‘Dread’ and ‘Illusions’ keep the album’s drum & bass edge, meanwhile ‘Still Waters’ takes a softer approach as it rolls out. For the final five records Forbidden Society then switches down the tempo, with 140 selections like ‘Undark’ providing an even deeper introspection into the producer’s work. ‘Reflect’ creates a foreboding atmosphere before kicking you with its weighty subs whilst ‘Mondays’ and ‘Liar’ maintains the assault. Wrapping up with the dark trenches of ‘Sulpor’, which kicks through with subterranean levels, it’s an intimidating collection of tracks. Forbidden Society goes for the jugular and leaves no prisoners with this forthcoming release.
April will see Forbidden Society once again add to his journey as he explores his sound. And for those lucky enough to witness his music, whether that’s in a festival or club setting, the new music provided by the DJ and producer will submerge them in a world he’s been building sonically for years. One which he’s only just beginning to reveal.

The Album is coming out on 13th of April via Forbidden Society Recordings.