Forbidden Society – Let It Roll 2016 – Neurofunk/Heavy Mix

Published On Friday July 22nd, 2016 |
Czech producer Forbidden Society bringing the heavy to this year’s official Let It Roll promo mixes. Get ready for his set! Booking: Facebook Event – Let It Roll 2016 Listen on


1.Forbidden Society – Street Justice [FSRECS] 2.Agressor Bunx – Infinity [Eatbrain] 3.Forbidden Society – NYC Punk [FSRECS] 4.Katharsys – Discipline [FSRECS DUB] 5.The Upbeats – Doom [Vision] 6.Killer Industries – Destroyed [FSRECS DUB] 7.Audio & Prolix – Creatures Feat.Nuklear MC [RAM] 8.S9 – Warehouse [Titan] 9.Forbidden Society – Sellout [FSRECS] 10.Mefjus, The_Upbeats & Insideinfo – Leibniz [Virus] 11.BTK – Megahertz (L33 Remix) [Dutty Audio Dub] 12.Donny – Moster [Dub] 13.Fortitude & Robyn Chaos – Broadmoor Blues (Counterstrike remix) [Therapy Sessions] 14.Katharsys – TBA [Dub] 15.L33 – Rei [Eatbrain] 16.Optiv & BTK – Scientist (featuring MC Fokus) (Forbidden Society RMX)[Dutty Audio Dub] 17.Agressor Bunx – Time Shif [Program] 18.The Clamps – Nerves [Trendkill] 19.Neonlight – Microbots [Blackout] 20.Mefjus – Blitz [Neosignal] 21.Katharsys – Dead Never Stay Dead [FSRECS DUB] 22.Emperor – Haste [Critical] 23.Gydra – Nailsbucket [Eatbrain] 24.Misanthrop – Collapse [RAM] 25.Katharsys – Subsiders [DUB] 26.Forbidden Society – Boycott [FSRECS] 27.Black Sun Empire & State of Mind – Kill That Noise [Blackout] 28.The Upbeats – Elevator [Vision] 29.Mefjus – Godzilla feat.DOPE DOD (Audio remix) [Critical] 30.Telekinesis feat Coppa – Fight Club (Pythius Remix) [Blackout] 31.Kemal – Hostile (LOD VIP)[No Release] 32.L 33 – Electroshock [Eatbrain] 33.Katharsys – Brain Implant [FSRECS DUB] 34.Audio – Ultron (Mefjus remix) [RAM] 35.Current Value – Pneumatics [Critical] 36.Neonlight – Rascals [Blackout] 37.A-Cray – Rage Quit [Titan] 38.Forbidden Society – Cobra [FSRECS] 39.Katharsys & Multiprogram – Forever Undefined [DUB] 40.Windpipe Feat.Ragga Twins (Emperor Remix) [Disciple] 41.The Outside Agency & N-Vitral – Sam’s Gospel [Genosha 175] 42.Forbidden Society – Untitled [DUB] 43.June Miller & Mefjus – Saus [RAM] 44.Gorebug – You Can See Them [Mental Disorder] 45.Forbidden Society – Grinder [Dub] 46.Faith In Chaos – Possession (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) [Outbreak] 47.Ed Rush & Optical – Custlo (Locuste Mix) FS Hype Up [No Release] 48.Technical Itch – Analysis [Moving Shadow]